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2018 hot sale AGUA DE LOEWE edt vapo 4vW231iJ

  • Modèle : 4vW231iJ
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Description du produit

AGUA DE LOEWE, A LUXURY PERFUME, THE BEST GIFT FOR LOVERS OF LITTLE DETAILSAgua de Loewe, is a “Eau de Toilette” of fresh notes, which is designed by the refining of luxury simplicity, providing a nice long-lasting and confident scent on the skin which keeps its impeccable essence all day long.This fragrance is successful due to the first impression of citrus note, which encourages you to get up and started, a daily connection with positive energy and vitality. With its own style that consists of a fragrant duo of mandarin and with an exotic pinch of Japanese yuzu fruit of brilliant and intensive citrus notes.A few minutes later, this fragrance starts getting connected to the skin, setting the white pepper spiced heart essence free and so delicate and feminine notes as Ceylon Tea, which provides citrus freshness, with subtly exotic and surrounding oriental notes and the Mediterranean flower and fineness of Sicilian bergamot.For its unisex character, this fragrance completes its silhouette of smell with wood base notes, more intensive in perfumery and used for masculine fragrances, such as Atlas cedar and sandalwood in a very subtle way.The final touch of musk is one of the details that make this Eau de Cologne fresh fragrance for daily use, exceeding the expectations of a conventional Cologne, by its intact durability on the skin during all day long.This successful fragrance created by perfumer Olivier Crisp in the year 2000 for this fashion symbol and luxury complement firm, Loewe is a reference to an avant-garde, modern and cosmopolitan audience, defined by its practical sense of elegance and functionality, being one of the favourite unisex fragrances for men and women. An extension of welfare in tune with all senses, after the morning shower to give the day a good start.UNISEX. To share with your partner every day. Ideal for gift and very practical for both of you when travelling

ELEGANT AND FRESH. For daily use, smart and vital freshness for your daily life.TIMELESS. Functional, perfecto to use in any season of the year.